A Record of Projects, Ideas, and Experiences

Welcome to my home!

If you're here for my contact info, you can email me here. If you want to reach out to me another way, I'm most reachable on GitHub and Mastodon.

What is this place?

This website is where I will put information about various topics that I'm currently exploring. This could be anything, really -- just whatever I feel like putting up here.

There used to be quite a bit of other content here that I've recently removed; to view that, see the repository for this website.

Who are you, anyways?

My name is Addison Crump. I'm a Texas A&M University graduate (class of '21) and currently a Ph.D. candidate at CISPA. I'm also a member of secret.club and a very frequent contributor to LibAFL.

I've done vulnerability research, programming, and systems administration for years. Feel free to reach out if you're recreating some of my work or just want to chat (email above!).