Download the file at and find a way to extract the flag.

Note that the flag must be submitted as 'normal' text which you might read in a book.

Slapping it open in Ghidra, we find that it calculates to something from the offset of the next instruction using and an add instruction to get a position of 0x00010541+0x1a97. Following it, we find that it's pointing to the string ....

Just above that however, we find Flag: followed by a bunch of non-readable characters. Since it's still null-terminated, we can make a guess that it's just in a different encoding.

Right-clicking at the start of Flag: , we inform Ghidra to treat it as a C string with Data > TerminatedCString. To change it's encoding, we use Data > Settings... > Charset > UTF-8. Lo and behold:


Which, if you flip upside down as all beginning readers do of books:


(though not in the typical flag format, this works!)